Family Counselling

“Human development takes shape as it moves and evolves through the matrix of the family life-cycle, embedded in the larger socio-cultural context. All human problems are framed by the formative course of our family's past, the present tasks it is tryng to master, and the future to which it aspires". Monica McGoldrick

Our cultural, spiritual and psychological identities are rooted in how we connect to others; the family is a nuanced and multi-layered system where we learn how to empathize, communicate, collaborate, trust, and respect others. Thus, how we interact with our family influences how we connect to the world around us.

At CRC we use a Family Systems approach to cultivate a safe sanctuary where everyone is heard. Together we will examine the family and each member's strengths and challenges in an effort to re-build compassion, trust and genuine collaboration.

CRC family therapy honors diversity and welcomes whomever you call family. 

Rates for Family Counselling

  • 50 minute session: $150