Neurofeedback Treatment Plan & Rates

Sensors placed on the scalp

Sensors placed on the scalp

Initial Consultation: 30 minutes - Free

Prior to starting neurofeedback treatment you will have a free 30 minute consultation with Jennifer. The purpose of this consultation is to assess whether you are a suitable neurofeedback candidate and to give you an opportunity to ask any question about the treatment.

Neurofeedback Assessment: 3 Hours - $475 (includes first treatment, and can be split over two days if necessary)

Following your initial consultation you will be scheduled for a 3 hour assessment session. As part of your assessment you will complete the EEG Expert QIKtest and the Cambridge Brain Science (CBS) Cognitive Test, which help define a baseline to better track your progress. Included in the cost of your assessment are regular, follow up CBS tests to definitively track your progress. After completion of the assessment you will undergo your first 45 minute Neurofeedback training session.

Neurofeedback Session: 45 minutes - $175

The initial round of treatment consists of twenty neurofeedback sessions. Each secession is 45 minutes long and involves 30 minutes of Neurofeedback treatment. Treatment plans will be customized to each individual but the standard schedule is to complete two sessions per week during the first four weeks, before reducing down to one session a week.

After you have completed 20 sessions your progress will be evaluated and in consultation with Jennifer any future treatment requirements can be agreed upon.

Neurofeedback 20 Session Treatment Package: Assessment + 20 sessions - $3,800

We encourage patients to purchase the initial 20 sessions as a package. This allows you to schedule all 20 sessions up front to ensure a consistent treatment schedule.

Payment Methods

Cash or Credit at time of service

Cancellation Policy

Services are by appointment only and normally scheduled weeks in advance. As this time is reserved exclusively for you, it is necessary to charge for appointments that are not cancelled at least 24-hours in advance. In the event of an emergency, special considerations may be given regarding the cancellation policy.


CRC does not work with insurance companies. If you have a health insurance plan, your visits may be partially paid for by your insurance company. It is your responsibility to pay for services at the time they are rendered and bill your insurance company. Billing statements will be available the first week of each month for the previous month’s services. Statements will contain all pertinent information required by the insurance company for reimbursement.