Parenting Services

Leave your pride, ego, and narcissism somewhere else. Reactions from those parts of you will reinforce your children’s most primitive fears. ” – Henry Cloud

Parenting children and adolescents can be one of the most exhausting and infuriating experiences and, also, one of the most thrilling. It is no wonder that the polarizing experiences of parenting can leave us re-defining ourselves on a weekly, sometimes daily or even hourly, basis. Neurobiology is offering exciting new information that answers so many of our questions as parents. Why is my child so shy? How is humiliation damaging to the developing brain? Why do I have to repeat myself over and over again? How do I get my kids to listen? The most important sentiment I can share with you is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is not family therapy. In Parent Coaching, we identify your challenges and strengths as a parent to develop a skill-set that will help you respond, rather than react, to your child/ren. We work to develop your communication and problem-solving skills to build connections that helps you relate to your child unhindered by your own childhood conditioning.

Parent coaching can take place in the office, in the home, or via Skype sessions.

Rates for Parenting Services

  • 50 minute session: $140 ( in-home sessions available for an extra fee)